How To Start Forex Trading In 2024 For Beginners (Full Course)

New to Forex trading in 2024? Look no further! This is the only all-in-one video you will ever need covering everything from the absolute basics to executing your first trade. Everything from the forex market basics, risk management, psychology, to mastering trading platforms including Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, as well as Tradingview!

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► Here is what I will cover in this video:
00:00 - Forex Trading Full Course For Beginners
00:16 - Before You Start Learning Forex!
00:46 - What is The Forex Market?
01:36 - When is The Forex Market Open?
02:11 - Who Trades The Forex Market?
03:11 - What is A Currency Pair In Forex?
04:33 - Types Of Currency Pairs In Forex
06:26 - How To Make Money From Forex?
09:18 - What is A Pip In Forex?
12:42 - What is Lot Size In Forex?
14:27 - What is Leverage In Forex?
16:52 - What is Forex Broker, And Types Of Forex Brokers
18:15 - What is The Best Time To Trade Forex?
19:44 - Forex News
20:53 - Best Forex News Website (Forex Factory)
22:03 - Must-have Trading Platform
22:37 - What Are Japanese Candles In Trading?
27:04 - How To Use Meta Trader For Beginners?
31:48 - How To Use TradingView For Beginners?
35:47 - How To Analyze The Forex Market?
36:57 - Trading Plan Importance
38:42 - Trading Psychology For Beginners
40:26 - Forex Risk Management For Beginners
44:04 - How To Calculate Lot Size For Forex?
46:27 - Types Of Forex Orders (Limit, Stop, Market Order)
49:15 - Trading Success Blueprint

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