How to Speak up in Meetings (and When to Hold Back)

Speaking up is one of the single-most effective ways to increase visibility and build trust with your clients and colleagues.

00:00 Speaking up in meetings can be more important than presentations or speeches
00:30 Tip 1: Prepare a few points in advance
00:44 Tip 2: Ask, "Why you?"
01:08 Tip 3: Pause and breathe to build confidence
01:30 Sometimes it's best to hold back
01:47 Hold back if you're only trying to show off
02:00 Hold back if you're trying to empower others on your team
02:15 Hold back if your comment would be better shared in private

In many organizations, our leadership readiness is measured in part by our willingness to speak up in a meeting.

Based on the HBR article by Allison Shapira: How to Speak Up in a Meeting, and When to Hold Back (

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