How To Shoot A Rifle in 10 Minutes

Whether you're one of the millions of new gun owners from the past few years, or you've been shooting your entire life, mastering the basics of shooting a rifle is still the most important thing you can do to improve performance. In this video, Lucas covers basic rifle functions, manipulations, stance, grip, recoil management, reloading, safety / muzzle discipline, and moving and shooting.

00:00 Intro
00:45 Parts and Functionality
04:13 Stance, Grip, & Recoil Management
05:14 Aiming, Optics, & Zeroing
06:13 Articulating the Safety
06:43 Trigger Management
07:06 Reloading
07:48 Malfunctions
08:47 Muzzle Discipline
10:00 Moving & Shooting
10:43 Summary & Training
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