How to setup Zendesk - Customers and Support Agents

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In this video we finally dive into Zendesk and setup your users: end-users and staff members. In Zendesk Support, I demo the following:
- Adding End-users
- Adding Agents
- Adding Custom roles
- Adding User fields
- Adding Organisational fields
- Adding Groups
- Adding Organisations
- Settings for Agents
- Settings for Customers

Lots of theoretical advice and best practices which have been gathered from my 8 years of experience.


1. Learn/Discovery - The phase which we discuss everything related to your business
- Kickoff - Meet and greet and establishing project participants ✅
- Customer preparation
- Business requirements - Details about a project scope and objective ✅
- Business flows - A collections of everything that will be handled in your customer service tool and beyond ✅
- Training - Zendesk trainings are free now trainings.zendesk.com ✅
- Discovery sessions - Meetings where we discuss business processes and translate them into Zendesk features ✅
2. Design sessions
- General walkthrough - What the system can do given the processes discussed ✅
- People - Defining types of users, How TOs and Best practices ✅
- Ticketing - Defining data collection, How TOs and Best practices
- Channels - Setup for different channels How TOs and Best practices
- Business rules - Automating How TOs and Best practices
- Reporting - Overview of data How TOs and Best practices
3. Collaborative configuration - Sessions where we review client setup and jointly fix and setup different workflows
4. Technical assistance - An overview of security, email and domain setup
5. Launch - A review checklist for setup
6. Handover

I'm marking with ✅ the videos that have already been made. So go ahead and look into the Zendesk setup playlist to see them.

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