How to SCALE Your Real Estate Portfolio in 2023

You need to know how to scale your real estate portfolio. You’ve been stuck at the same number of units, dealing with the same problems for far too long. But what can you do? At what point do you reach a limit to the number of rentals you can take on? Is there even a limit at all? For most investors, hitting a wall in your real estate portfolio can feel like the beginning of the end. For David Greene, this just shows that you need to scale a little smarter. And today, he’ll show you exactly how to do it.

David, at one point, had a portfolio of over fifty single-family homes. As a result, he was constantly getting calls about evictions, maintenance issues, late payments, and the everyday landlord headaches. He realized that he was spending all his extra cash flow fixing the regularly sprouting problems, so he decided to pivot. Now, he has a cash-flowing, profitable, passive real estate portfolio with multiple types of rentals nationwide and far fewer headaches. Not only that, he’s leading a top real estate agent team, teaching his top agents the same skills in his newest book, "SCALE: A Successful Agent’s Guide to Leveling Up Their Real Estate Business."

In it, David teaches top agents how to leave the mundane headaches behind and start building a business. But this book isn’t just for agents. If you’re an investor, the same rules apply to you, and learning these skills can help you leverage time, money, and other workers to help you grow an even bigger business.

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00:00 Intro
02:38 Quick Tip
04:16 From Blue Collar to Building Businesses
13:42 The System You Need to Scale
20:34 Weaknesses = Wealth
22:23 Leveraging Time, Money, and People
27:22 The 3 Skills You NEED to Succeed
42:41 How to Use the 3 Skills
46:05 Catching vs. Cleaning the "Fish"
50:41 David Greene Deep Dive
55:01 Grab the Book!

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