How to Retain Top Engineering Talent with Leo Panian of Tipping Structural Engineers

Episode 30 of The Architectural Foundation of San Francisco's Interview Series features Leo Panian, Principal Engineer at Tipping Structural Engineers in Berkeley, CA.

Leo has successfully managed many projects, including the SF Public Utilities Commission Headquarters building, UC Berkeley’s Campbell Hall, and an IDIQ contract with the National Parks Service that includes the 2011 post-earthquake evaluation of the Washington Monument.

While he has a wealth of experience in a range of project types, he specializes in steel and concrete structures with a focus on seismic engineering.

In this episode, Leo offers insight into how his firm is able to attract and retain high quality engineers, including those engineers coming right out of school who tend to bounce from firm to firm.

Episode highlights include:
- Benefits of investing in new hire training
- How to create a culture of engagement
- Leo's best advice for young engineers

Learn how Leo and Tipping have created a strong team-centered culture built on trust, openness, and compassion.

The type of culture that allows the firm to attract and retain top talent, while also allowing for leadership opportunities within the company.

Leo Panian's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leopanian/

Tipping Structural Engineers website: https://www.tippingstructural.com/

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