How To Regain Control Of Your Attention - Dr Gloria Mark | Modern Wisdom Podcast 584

Dr Gloria Mark is Chancellor's professor in the Department of Informatics at University of California and an author whose research focuses on human-computer interaction.

Not being able to focus and suffering with distracted attention is one of the most common complaints amongst people in the modern world. The ability to stay focussed on a single task for a long period of time is hugely beneficial and yet has never been more difficult to achieve.

Expect to learn what attention actually is and how it works, the average amount of time that people spend on a single task in the modern world, why attention is so easy to distract, whether multitasking is actually a thing, how to take back control from your distractions, how to deal with guilt around being distracted, the best way to design your daily routine for maximum focus and much more...

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00:00 Intro
00:56 Is Our Attention Worse Than it Was 20 Years Ago?
05:15 Misunderstanding How Attention Works
10:12 The Basics of our Attention System
17:13 Is ADHD Becoming More Common?
20:37 Seeing Attention as a Precious Resource
24:47 It Isn’t Humanly Possible to Multitask
32:42 Is our Relationship with Technology Addictive?
38:29 The Impact of Algorithms on our Attention
46:52 Developing the Skill of Self-Regulation
58:45 Don’t Use Social Media on Your Break
1:03:12 Designing Your Day for Maximum Focus
1:13:29 Where to Find Dr Mark


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