How to reduce blood sugar | DIABETES control

Diabetes is a chronic health ailment that results in an increased level of glucose in your blood.

You might have heard about it as a high blood sugar level. So why exactly is the sugar elevated in the blood for some people? Let’s find out.

The food that we eat gets broken down by our body during the process of digestion for easy absorption of nutrients.

The main macronutrients of our body are
Protein and

When foods rich in carbohydrates like noodles, pasta, and rice are consumed, they get broken down into glucose, also called sugar. This glucose is the key source for our body to produce energy. after a meal, this glucose in the bloodstream must reach its target cells, so that our body can start producing energy. To moderate this, we have a gatekeeper hormone called INSULIN, which is secreted from an organ called the pancreas. The pancreas is located below our stomach. Whenever our blood glucose level is elevated, more insulin is secreted, which allows for the effective transportation of glucose from the blood into the cells. If there is a problem with this insulin, the transportation will be disturbed, and the glucose cannot enter the cells, resulting in high glucose in our bloodstream. This is called DIABETES.
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