How to Prioritize as a Product Manager: Interview with a Prioritization Expert

"Successful Product Managers take risks, they make decisions with incomplete information, and they stand up for what they believe."

Welcome back to our Instructor Spotlight series! In these interviews, Mackenzie connects with the experts behind Product Gym’s curriculum to learn how they got to where they are now and what advice they can share with Product Manager job hunters.

This week, Mackenzie unpacks the most important product management skill you can hone with Leaflink Sr Director of Product Management and Product Gym Instructor Erik Dawson.

00:00 - Intro
00:39 - Meet Erik Dawson
03:32 - How Does the Product Manager Role Change with the Industry and Location?
05:57 - How to Prioritize as a Product Manager
08:40 - Can You Learn Product Management Skills on the Job?
11:10 - How to Master Product Management Principles
14:05 - What's the Biggest Prioritization Challenge Product Managers Face?
17:35 - What Advice Can You Offer to Product Manager Job Hunters?

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