How to Play Stellaris 3.2 - Colony Management & Diplomacy

Now that we have a colony established it's time to see if any aliens are out there whilst at the same time getting our internal economy under control. Today we'll be doing exactly that so strap in and lets dive into some more Stellaris for Beginners.

ASpec's videos are based around the popular Grand Strategy Game; Stellaris as well as other fun science fiction properties. Delve into a galaxy that is both dark and full of secrets. This channel has tons of guide, overviews, musing and other content for you to enjoy in the semi-classic game review format. So stick around, grab a drink. Some of this content was heavily inspired by the likes of TheSpiffingBrit, RimmyDownUnder and GrayPlays. Other content is similar to that what you would find on let's play channels like The Yogscast.

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