How To Pitch The Investor: Daniel Karp, Partner, Cervin Ventures

Pitching Venture Capitalists can be a very daunting task. The venture capital industry is full of sharks, and it's essential to know what you're doing before shooting your shot. In this interview series, I am going to talk to leading Venture Capitlists, in order to hear from them, firsthand, on how they want to be pitched.

In this interview, I talked to Daniel Karp, Partner at Cervin.

About Daniel:

Daniel is a partner at Cervin Ventures focused on investments in Enterprise Infrastructure, across Cloud-native infrastructure, DevOps, ITOps, developer tools, cyber security, networking, data management, and open-source-first enterprise motions.

Before joining Cevin, he led Investments and Acquisitions for multiple billion-dollar domains at Cisco, including Networking, Cloud and Data Centers, and the geographic efforts in regions such as Israel and Latin America.
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