How to organize your journeys for effective decision-making with Marzia Aricò | Q&A Session

Following up with the webinar “How to organize your journeys for effective decision-making”, Jochem van der Veer and Marzia Aricò recorded a short session to answer the questions from attendees that couldn't be covered during the session on February 13th.

Marzia and Jochem go through questions about assessing the maturity of an organization, dealing with other teams and stakeholders when prompted to fast delivery and rituals that can foster the right behaviors to support change, among others.

Quickly jump through the questions:

00:00 Intro

00:49 Q: How would you use Design Thinking and Service Design together when it comes to journeys?

02:01 Q: How do you cope with non-CX or non-experience teams just wanting solutions implemented fast?

05:44 Q: How do you evaluate the maturity of an organization you work with to know if they are ready for your work?

10:35 Q: Any experience with a top-down versus bottom-up approach to coordinate and implement Journey Management in an organization where Service Design wants to take journeys to the next level?

13:25 Q: How does the presence or lack of change management within organizations fit with this process?

15:35 Q: What are the rituals that enforce the right behaviors to support change?

21:00 Q: Have you seen teams managing journeys in their organizations with dedicated Journey Teams? Any best practices around it?

24:32 Q: How long will it take us to see the majority of businesses having adopted a journey-centric way of working from where we are today?

27:33 Wrap up

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