How to nest components within components — Webflow tutorial

With components in Webflow, you can reuse any element and all its child elements in your project to achieve speeds that rival Usain Bolt’s. How is this different from using classes? You’re not just changing the styling, you can add or reorder elements inside your component and that will affect all other instances of that component. You can also override content in all instances of a component, so changes in that component won’t affect the others.
Now, you can nest components within other components — just like “Inception” (2010). Except, instead of dreams, we’re going deeper into components. And with nested components, you can still customize content on every level, which is much more powerful than inception.

Prepare yourself as we cover:
00:00 – Introduction
00:58 — Nesting a component inside another component
02:03 — Why? How this is different than using CSS classes
03:33 — Text
04:48 — Links
05:26 — Visibility
05:54 — Inception — editing one instance or multiple components
07:39 — Recap

Learn more about Components in Webflow at Webflow University: https://university.webflow.com/lesson/components
Get started with Webflow: https://wfl.io/2r7cVUW
Join the Webflow Community: https://webflow.com/community

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