How to move into a leadership & management role being a techie | Podcast Ep#3 - Keith Roberts

Tech Talks with Anshul (TTWA) Podcast Ep# 3 with Keith Roberts - How to move into a leadership & management role being a techie?
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Guest - Keith Roberts, Data & Analytics Manager , Jaguar Landrover

Below is the video I made on the life lesson I got from Keith -

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1:28 - When I met Keith
2:02 - Keith's story
4:50 - When Keith shared a life-long wisdom
5:32 - Keith's transition from tech to leadership & management
11:54 - Qualities that led to Keith's early promotion into management
12:30 - Can someone be trained in leadership & management?
14:14 - How do you deal with tough people in the team ?
19:48 - Can move to management ruin my career?
23:05 - Keith's book recommendations
26:46 - How to manage time as a manager?
31:38 - How to effectively work with other Industry functions like Finance etc?
42:32 - What are Keith & his team doing in technology?
44:44 - Is waterfall still relevant in an Agile world?
49:45 - Keith shares his best advice and worst mistake

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