How to Master the Art of Time Management - (Personal Development Speech)

In this Personal Development Speech Learn how to Stop Wasting Time, and How to Master the Art of Time Management and become a Time management pro.

You might hear yourself saying, I am busy and I don't have time. But the question is are you managing time well enough that you are achieving your goals or just meeting deadlines? In this video, we will learn about time management and how using your time effectively can help you reach your life goals.

Here is a quick rundown of what you’re about to learn:
First, you’ll learn the value of time and how you can effectively use time to get maximum rewards.
Next, you’ll learn about how to manage time and why making a plan and setting priorities is important for time management and the formula successful people use to get the best out of their time.
Finally, you'll learn to develop a sense of urgency and not to spend major time on minor things. If you want to save time, prepare in advance.
By the end of this video, you’ll have time management essentials on your fingertips. You'll understand how time management can not only help you fulfil your dreams, it can help you live your life to fullest. You will be able to gather enough motivation to say no, stay alert, ask questions and change the outlook of your life.

→ Jim Rohn
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→ Brian Tracy
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Contents of this video

00:00 - Importance of time
00:16 - Time is more valuable than anything
01:19 - Life is collection of experience
01:53 - Do not waste time
03:12 - Time management
05:02 - Measurement of time
06:37 - Concentrate where you are
07:43 - Prepare in advance
08:54 - When you work, work; when you play, play.
09:19 - Read books
09:40 - Be more alert
10:43 - Ask Questions

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