How to Master Influencing Without Authority by Sachin Rekhi at Lean Product Meetup

Sachin Rekhi gave the talk about "How to Master Influencing Without Authority" at Lean Product Meetup on June 24, 2021

About Sachin Rekhi

Sachin Rekhi has spent his career launching new products as both a three time startup founder and a product executive at LinkedIn and Microsoft.

He is currently the Founder & CEO of Notejoy, a collaborative notes app for individuals and teams. Notejoy brings the best of note taking and collaborative docs together into an effortless solution. Prior to Notejoy, Sachin was Head of Product for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a new premium subscription targeted at sales professionals which he grew to over $200M in revenue.

Sachin has spent the past decade sharing all of his lessons learned on product management and entrepreneurship on, where he has published over 150 essays with over 2 million views. He also frequently speaks on product management at top universities, companies, conferences, and more.

You can find Sachin on Twitter at @sachinrekhi and on LinkedIn.

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