How to Manage your eCommerce store - with virtual assistance

Whoever said running an e-commerce business was easy is NUTS!

It means wearing many hats while carefully investing in services needed to help your store grow.

Perhaps you’ve thought about hiring an assistant to help you out, but this means training and management, which can take just as much time as doing it yourself! Not to mention that hiring somebody locally can be a large investment.

That is why we created Meraki Solutions. After working with over 150 e-commerce clients, we’ve seen the pain points that merchants have. We’ve also seen what is needed to become a 7 figure business. You have to delegate so you can grow!

But why pay an agency to do simple admin tasks when you can have someone in-house? With Meraki Solutions we provide you with the admin assistance you need, at a fraction of the cost!

We have trained administrative professionals with excellent communication skills in our Colombia office. They are employed by us, with all the benefits of a cherished employee - except they work for YOU!

It’s time to get all hands on deck and make more strategic decisions for your business! Contact us to start interviewing your administrative assistants today!
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