How to manage time? What is Time management grid ?. 7 Effective time management skills explained.

How to manage time?
Time management skills explained.
What is time management grid?
7 Effective time management skills explained.
How to be effective time manager?
What are time wasters?

1. Who is Rajiv Kumar?
(a) Personal Level:
An unconventional thinker, assertive speaker & a progressive mind.
(b) Professional Level:
An MBA (IB) & Certified Corporate Coach, (ISTD) with over decade plus experience, Corporate L&OD, HR, Life, Performance Management, Stakeholders Management with various corporate, industries and institutions.
(c) Hobby Level:
"Timeless Music" Singing & Collections.
2. What 'CT30' stands for?
'CT30' stands for (Confused till 30): My YouTube Vlogging Channel. 30 years of personal insights of a common man's journey who has been progressively confused till 30th years of his life, be it people/personal, professional life & society at large..."dare to confess"!!!
3. Why I am on YouTube?
To present Weekly Segments for my audiences.
(a) "Empowering Thoughts...Empowering Minds"(Language: English & Hindi)
(b) "Timeless Music...Weekend Musical Evening" (Language: Hindi)

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