How To Manage Time Effectively for Students | Study Time Management | BYJU'S - Class 6, 7 & 8

Are you one of those students who believes that they just do not have enough time to finish their assignments before the deadline, crack that competitive exam, exercise, get a sound sleep every night, and spend enough time with loved ones.

In actuality, it is not limited time that’s the problem, it’s bad time management.

In this session of Time management, you will be able to:
- Get an idea about how long it will take to do something
- Strategy that will help you complete tasks on time
- And the most importantly, how to stop to wasting your time

How time management is important for students?
- Improves your productivity
- Helps you achieve your goals faster
-‍ Boosts your confidence
- More Time For Extracurricular Activities

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