How To Manage Team Properly | Team Management Techniques

99% times Entrepreneurs make mistake when they are scaling there business.
Must of the time what actually happen with entrepreneurs is they hire people for few certain role than after that people come to there team then they want them to work in 36 different things, that is place where problem and mistake is.

When you say 36 different thing to do then employee also get suck thinking yesterday he told me something different work today morning he is telling me to do something different work & in noon & evening he is telling me different work what's actually going on over here, he will not tell you in your face but he will be telling this things in his inner self talk

To make a proper team management system

Clarify & define this properly, it must be crystal clear
1. Role
2. Responsibility
3. Reward
4. Punishment

1st we need to understand human behavior
and how we can control human behavior
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