How To Make A Tire - Talking Tires With Teravail

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a tire? In this video, Neil sits down with Bailey and Zane of Teravail to talk about all things tires. They dive into everything from important tech and terms, how tires are designed and made, understanding tire width and weight, why sidewalls weep sealant, and so much more...

Intros - 0:00
Who is Teravail - 1:42
Key Terms - 3:30
Understanding the Design process - 12:08
Key factors in tires - 20:24
Trail conditions and tires - 24:17
Understanding Tire Width - 27:46
Why do some tires wobble? - 31:43
Why do tires wheep sealant? - 33:34
Understanding Tire Weight - 35:25
Favorite and most popular tires - 39:45
Redesign and retired - 43:31

A big thanks to Teravail for their time. Head to their website to check out their tires:

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