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Learning new skills can be daunting, but thankfully there’s many ways we can pick up new skills that don’t require us to go to school. In this video Melissa from Answer In Progress takes a Google Career Certificate and talks with Bailey Parnell about the best ways we can pick up new skills without needing to go back to school.

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00:00 pls don’t make me go back to school
01:08 Bailey Parnell eases our stresses about skill building
02:53 5 Steps to Learn Any Skill
03:23 Oop running a business is hard, help pls
05:14 140 hours later, she’s certified
05:32 How to deal with imposter syndrome
07:49 There’s a surprise for you in the description


Produced by Molly Williams
Research by Keslen Murdock
Written by Melissa Fernandes
Story Editing by Stephanie Castillo
Hosted by Melissa Fernandes
Animation by Matt Royhl and Sabrina Cruz
Edited by Chase Madsen

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