How to lead innovation | The last chapter of crash course on innovation

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How to develop the leadership style that fosters innovation? It’s a big question today, because the type of leadership that is required for innovation is quite different from our understanding of the traditional leadership roles. And in many aspects it’s a contrast to many management styles especially managers have been practicing for years. For example innovation is about breaking the norm and changing the stausquo while the role of a manager is to preserve the statusquo - to make sure that there are repeatable cycles of behavior and processes that will help the team to achieve goals consistently. Not to change it or to disrupt it.
Traditional leadership is operational in nature and it’s about doing everyday tasks to achieve an outcome. But innovation is poised to the future and it happens in a unique context. Leadership for innovation is poised at making changes.
In this module of the session, Paul Robinson talks about the types of leadership style that is required to lead innovation.
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