How to Lead Enterprise AI, with Harvard Business School | CXOTalk #803

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Harvard Business School professor Iavor Bojinov explains how to make enterprise AI projects successful, given their high rate of failure.

Here are his key points:
► Prioritize Projects: Focus on AI initiatives that align with your business goals and are feasible to implement.
►Leadership and Culture: Make sure your company culture is open to AI, with leaders who grasp both the technical and commercial dimensions.
►Scalable Systems: Develop an 'AI factory' to streamline and scale AI development.
►Vendor Flexibility: When working with outside partners, don't lock yourself into one platform. Be ready to switch if necessary.
►Trust: Ensure that AI systems are transparent, audit for bias, and establish clear lines of accountability for failures.

Bojinov stresses that each stage of an AI project, from conception to ongoing management, needs expertise, adaptability, a receptive culture, and trust. With a well-thought-out strategy, companies can navigate typical challenges and harness AI's full potential.

Our guest co-host for this episode is QuHarrison Terry.

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Iavor Bojinov is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration and the Richard Hodgson Fellow at Harvard Business School. He is the co-PI of the AI and Data Science Operations Lab and a faculty affiliate in the Department of Statistics at Harvard University and the Harvard Data Science Initiative. His research and writings center on data science strategy and operations, aiming to understand how companies should overcome the methodological and operational challenges presented by the novel applications of AI. His work has been published in top academic journals such as Annals of Applied Statistics, Biometrika, The Journal of the American Statistical Association, Quantitative Economics, Management Science, and Science, and has been cited in Forbes, The New York Times, The Washingon Post, and Reuters, among other outlets. Before joining Harvard Business School, Professor Bojinov worked as a data scientist leading the causal inference effort within the Applied Research Group at LinkedIn. He holds a Ph.D. and an MA in Statistics from Harvard and an MSci in Mathematics from King’s College London.

QuHarrison Terry is head of growth marketing at Mark Cuban Companies, a Texas venture capital firm, where he advises and assists portfolio companies with their marketing strategies and objectives.

Michael Krigsman is an industry analyst and publisher of CXOTalk. For three decades, he has advised enterprise technology companies on market messaging and positioning strategy. He has written over 1,000 blogs on leadership and digital transformation and created almost 1,000 video interviews with the world’s top business leaders on these topics. His work has been referenced in the media over 1,000 times and in over 50 books. He has presented and moderated panels at numerous industry events around the world.
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