How to Invest in Large Multifamily Real Estate | How to Buy Apartment Complexes | Ep 116

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This interview with John Casmon was powerful! John is a multifamily real estate investor and host of the Multifamily Insights podcast. His company has purchased hundreds of units all around the country over the years.

John is a corporate escapee who enjoyed what he did for a living, but hated the lack of control he had over his time. All the while, he knew that the skills he had gained throughout his career up to that point were transferable. Ultimately, these reasons motivated him enough to take the leap into entrepreneurship and he was able to reap the rewards he enjoys today.

In this episode, we discuss why it’s necessary to have a great team behind you if you want to scale as a real estate investor, especially if you have your eyes set on large multifamily investing. He also shares the six things he and his team focus on when looking for a great property to invest in, as well as how to create systems and processes that raise capital to your growing business.


1) If you want to feel more comfortable doing an unfamiliar thing, you have to hang around people who are doing what you want to do. From support groups to mentorship, it’s vital to surround yourself with people doing or have done what it is you want to do.

2) Real estate investment is a team sport. If you’re buying single family houses, it’s easier to run the business yourself. When it comes to large multifamily, however, you need to have a team around you. It’s virtually impossible for you to find a great deal, underwrite that deal, appraise the property, raise capital, oversee management, etc. all by yourself.

3) As you scale your business, it’s vital to have a process in place to attract investors. There are three “C”s to doing just that: Confidence, Credibility, and Connections.

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