How to Instantly Build 4 New Streams of Passive Income

How to Instantly Build 4 New Streams of Passive Income
You know an average millionaire has around seven sources of income in order to achieve wealth.

Having multiple streams of income is important but building multiple income streams is not an easy job.

That's because most of your time is spent on maintaining your first stream of income.

That's your job or your business.

And it's even harder when you have to work long hours and get tired when you get home.

It's not an excuse but we're all human beings.

We have our own limits and incapacities and we cannot ignore the fact that our time is limited as well.

That's why I decided to make this video to show you the best and easiest way to grow your wealth safely

and effortlessly.

So how can you easily create four streams of passive income.

The answer to this question is simple.

You just need to invest your money in four different types of paper assets.

And if you do everything right those investments will be consistently putting the money back into your


You can increase your income without any extra effort and you can easily make a lot of money while you


Interesting right.

So what are those paper assets.

Now I'll dive into four different types of paper assets that I've been using to multiply my money and

create multiple streams of passive income.

They are ETF or exchange traded funds value stocks dividend paying stocks and Rietz or real estate investment

trusts in order to create four distinct sources of income.

You just need to put your money into these types of investments and then let them do all the work for


Now let me dive into each type of investment in turn so you can see exactly how you can use money to

make more money.

OK first of all I'll talk about ETF.

So what exactly is an ETF ETF stands for exchange traded fund an ETF is simply an investment portfolio

that contains various types of investments such as stocks bonds or some kinds of funds normally are

designed to track the overall performance of a particular stock market or sector.

A bond market or even a real estate market.

So when you buy an ETF This simply means that you're investing in a diversified portfolio that includes

a number of different investments.

For example you invest in DNA which is often known as Diamond ETF.

It's an ETF that's designed to track the overall performance of the Dow Jones index.

For those who don't know about the Dow Jones the Dow Jones Industrial Average has a stock market index

that consists of the 30 largest businesses in the United States.

So when you buy this ETF This simply means that you're investing in those 30 largest businesses.

And the cool part is your money will be diversified and invested into many different markets sectors

such as financials health care technology energy consumer services et cetera.

And that's the reason why investing in AFP's is the best way for you to build your long term wealth.

You don't need to buy a lot of companies by investing in a single ETF you're investing in different

businesses in different market sectors.

Basically are the same as mutual funds or some kinds of index funds but there are expense ratios are

much lower.

For example if you buy a mutual fund you'll have to pay one to 5 percent of your return in management

fees every year.

While if you hold an ETF you'll only have to pay from point 0 1 percent to less than 1 percent in management


That is to say investing in an ETF is 10 to one hundred times cheaper than investing in a mutual fund.

If you invest in ETF you can easily make a 10 to 15 percent return every year.

It still requires some strategy though.

The fact is that not every ETF is worth investing in some ETF come up with bad performance high management

fees and a high level of risks so you'll need some strategies or some kind of knowledge to pick the

right investment for yourself.

Ok one more useful tip to take away before we dive into the next type of investment.

Always make sure that you stay away from mutual funds and Wealth Management Services.

That's because buying an ETF is much cheaper and you can easily manage your portfolio by yourself.

There's no need to waste your money on any wealth management services.

You are an investor.

So do it yourself and take full control of your money.


The second type of investment value stock.

I bet you've heard a lot about value investing.

Value investing simply means you buy something that's worth $2 for only one dollar.

Well not exactly but you get my point here.

Value Investing means you buy a company when it's cheap or undervalued and then sell it when it becomes
more expensive or overvalued
So how do you know if a stock is undervalued or overvalued to determine whether stock is cheaper expensive.
You'll need to estimate its intrinsic value.
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