How to install the Cheytac M200 (ArmA 2) mod | DayZ Server Management

Hey everyone, in today's video we go over installing the Cheytac M200 mod from ArmA 2 onto your DayZ server! We also cover adding the gun to your types.xml and cfgspawnabletypes.xml and getting the gun added to your trader.

Link 1 (Cheytac M200 from ArmA 2 Port Workshop Page):
Link 2 (Types & Trader Configs):
Link 3 (Empty Types.xml):
Link 4 (Empty cfgspawnabletypes.xml):
Link 5 (DayZ Types Validator):
Link 6 (How to split types.xml video):

Intro: 0:00 – 0:44
Adding the mod: 0:45 – 2:32
Editing your types.xml and cfgspawnabletypes.xml files: 2:33 – 7:25
Editing your trader files: 7:26 – 9:15
Testing In-Game: 9:16 – 12:05
Outro/Final Thoughts: 12:05 – 13:00

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