How to increase your direct bookings by collecting valuable data from your guests

#directbookings is the best way for a host to increase his revenue and gradually build his own brand.

How about a solution that could help you easily deploy and manage WiFi across your properties, while enabling you to collect your guests’ email addresses to retarget them and make them come back?

#syncbnb and #stayfi have partnered to help you create a powerful guest list and generate repeat direct bookings for your rentals without having to lower your prices across every #bookingchannel.

00:00 Introduction of the webinar
01:57 What is Syncbnb
06:22 Information about Arthur Colker and why StayFi was created
07:47 What StayFi does
09:38 The guest experience of StayFi
10:42 StayFi's Demo
15:47 How much can using StayFi improve re-bookings
19:47 The setup process of StayFi
21:24 How many WiFi devices need to be installed in a house
22:55 What is Ubiquiti
23:35 Does StayFi provides an SMS marketing tool
25:46 In which countries is StayFi available
27:07 When a guest enters his email to get WiFi access is the email being validated
28:08 Does StayFi send a verification email to customers
29:23 Is obligatory for a guest to provide his phone number
30:20 Can I customize the splash page
31:49 When will SMS marketing be available
32:43 Why are direct bookings important
34:20 How to build your own direct booking website
35:53 Syncbnb synchronizes in real time with Vrbo
37:15 How much does Syncbnb cost
37:47 How much does StayFi cost
38:27 Syncbnb's Website Builder

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