How to Import and Organize References in Zotero for Beginners

Learn my system for importing and organizing my references in Zotero.

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I will show you step-by-step how to import PDFs and use the Zotero Connector extension with Google Scholar!

I dive into how to use collections and subcollections to organize my field and themes in Zotero. Then, we organize our papers with tags based on topics which makes it easy to filter to the correct paper. We will also set up related tags to link together papers in the same project.

Then I move into how to organize within each paper. This includes attaching pdfs for your references and writing notes to organize your references.

Finally, we talk about how to manage duplicate references!

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0:00 How to import and organize references in Zotero
0:50 Create a New Collection in Zotero
1:18 How to download pdfs from Google Scholar
2:01 Import PDF into Zotero
2:25 Importing Reference from Clipboard in Zotero
4:23 How to use Zotero Connector
6:48 Organizing references from google scholar
7:09 Using Collections and Folders in Zotero
8:15 Using subcollections and subfolders in Zotero
8:49 Importing Reference from Clipboard in Zotero
10:30 How to use tags in Zotero
14:48 Using the related feature in Zotero
15:48 Sorting in Zotero
16:09 Organizing within references
16:15 Adding PDFs in Zotero
16:47 Creating notes within Zotero
18:20 Managing Duplicates in Zotero
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