How to Implement Competency-Based Hiring: Future-proof your recruitment l WEBINAR

75% of recruitment professionals see skill-first hiring as a priority for the near future, according to the LinkedIn Future of Recruiting Report 2023. However, only 64% say they can accurately assess a candidate’s skills and competencies today. So how can we make a successful shift from experience-based to competency-based hiring?

In this webinar, Tony de Graaf (Global Director GTM at SmartRecruiters) and Charlotte Melkert (Co-founder and CEO at Equalture), share best practices and strategies for implementing competency-based hiring and look at trends and innovations that can support this shift.

This webinar covers:
Benefits: What are the benefits of competency-based hiring?
Best practices: How can you implement competency based hiring?
Trends and innovation: Which emerging technologies can facilitate the shift? 

The main takeaways of this webinar:

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