How to Get Involved in DAOs w/ Bankless DAO contributor Ernest of Gaia

Ernest of Gaia has been operating in cooperatives for many years and found himself a home in BanklessDAO. What started out as a livestream on #SalmanNeedsAJob about how BanklessDAO uses Notion, turned into an in-depth conversation about getting involved in DAOs and the skills one can develop to be of value within a DAO. Among other topics, we go over Ernest's journey, the parallels between cooperatives and DAOs, utility of discord, and end with a screenshare of how BanklessDAO uses Notion and ways you can get involved.

BanklessDAO Notion:

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0:00 - Housekeeping
1:30 - Introducing BanklessDAO
3:09 - Introducing Ernest of Gaia
4:17 - About #SalmanNeedsAJob
5:08 - BanklessDAO appreciation
6:43 - Ernest's background in Cooperatives & agriculture communities
8:57 - DAOs and ability to co-operate
10:10 - DYOR
11:44 - Proposals and Governance frameworks
12:51 - Transitioning career to web3
14:59 - Notion as a skill
18:53 - Cooperatives and DAOs
22:00 - $BANK economy
23:29 - Getting involved in DAOs
29:07 - On scheduling
30:31 - Utility of Discord
35:54 - Web3 Social Media opportunities
49:41 - BanklessDAO Notion deep dive
1:04:40 - Notion education in BanklessDAO
1:06:57 - Creating Learn to Earn NFTs
1:11:00 - Getting involved 101
1:12:42 - Coordinape - P2P rewarding system
1:16:05 - Closing thoughts
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