How To Get Into Tech Product Management With No Tech Experience?

Hi friends! Welcome to my new series: TALK TECH WITH TIFF! Where I am sitting down with industry professionals to hear about their career journeys and current roles. Today I am sitting down with Serina who is a Product Manager.

I created this series to hear from people who are established in the tech industry, so that we can all learn what these individuals do in their day to day job and the types of opportunities that are out there.

0:00 Intro
0:53 What does a product manager do?
2:01 What was your path like into product management?
3:40 How important is it to go to school for what you want to get into?
5:22 Taking chances and getting promoted
6:17 What are tools product managers use?
7:14 How technical is a product manager?
7:35 How to keep up with technology?
8:30 Tips on communicating with developers?
9:50 How to know if product management is for you?
10:45 What courses can you take for product management?
11:45 What is some of your least favourite things about product management?
14:14 Where to start with getting into product management?
14:36 The best piece of advice Serina's received
15:52 How to make your resume stand out?
17:30 What advice would you give to your younger self?

Tips From a Product Manager | How To Break Into Product Management With No Tech Experience

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