How to get into Business Management

Business Management: lets cover 3 buckets on how break in:

0:00 - Intro
0:11 - What do business studies graduates do?
1:16 - What careers are out there?
2:38 - What you need to know about Business Management

Nine of the top ten jobs held by business management graduates working in the UK are related to business, sales and HR, including marketing associate professionals, business sales executives, management consultants and business analysts.

Employed 70.9%
Further study 4.6%
Working and further studying 10.5%

Graduate destinations for business management

Business, HR and finance 23.5%
Marketing, PR and sales 18.9%
Clerical, secretarial and administrative 14.7%
Retail, catering and customer service 12.1%
Other 30.8%

Here are some careers to consider if you have a business management degree, including typical duties and national average salary:

1. Client services manager $55,222 per year
2. Sales representative $59,594 per year
3. Project manager $76,404
4. Office manager $42,187 per year
5. Human resource manager $69,206
6. Business manager $63,999
7. Community manager $47,173 per year
8. Staff accountant $51,109 per year
9. Marketing manager $61,136 per year
10. Logistics manager $61,227 per year
11. Account executive $65,773 per year
12. Data analyst $67,300 per year
13. Business consultant $71,581 per year
14. Management analyst $77,523 per year
15. Development director $83,017 per year
16. Director of operations $94,692 per year
17. Procurement Manager $122,900

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So there are a number of great career paths to choose from, however most people who study business management are ambitious and want better than a great career, you all want to be the boss, be in charge. unfortuantely there is no degree to satisfy getting into a position you are looking for and entreprenurship is generally a gamble straight out of college. The only sure-fire way is decades of actual working experience to leverage into a senior or executive director role.

On to bucket number 3, business management.

Always bear in mind one thing in business management - and that is delegation, assign the best qualified people to each position and trust your staff to do the work instead of trying to do everything yourself. Specifically in the areas of accounting, business entities, corporate governance, corporate law, economics and Finance. Make sure the following 5 functionals of management are maintained, namely: Planning, organising commanding, coordinating and controlling. If you want a full breakdown of business management check out this video here as to avoid repeating here:
So as we said earlier, the best way in to business management is through experience - landing a job, if you want to see a day in the life of a business project mananager, see link in the description:

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