How to Get Inflation Beating Returns from Mutual Funds? | Mutual Fund Ki Baat with Harsha Upadhyaya

How to Get Inflation Beating Returns from Mutual Funds? | Mutual Fund Ki Baat with Harsha Upadhyaya

Gold cannot replace Equity as an asset class in your portfolio. Equity generally outperforms gold over the long term. Don’t worry too much about stock market fluctuations as you cannot build a Portfolio thinking of war or a geopolitical crisis. You don’t need to panic if stock markets fall and you could view this as an opportunity to invest more in equities if you have the necessary risk tolerance. The ESG theme is vital to save the Planet. However, ESG also focuses on fundamentals like Company Financials and Management Quality along with Environmental, Social and Governance factors. Some Mutual Funds follow unique themes such as investing only in IPOs. Many people invest in IPOs for thrill and excitement. It is better to be diversified across sectors and stocks as in the case of IPOs the track record is not clear.

0:00 - Introduction
8:58 - About Harsha Upadhyaya
10:19 - Can gold be a good investment asset during times of volatility?
12:45 - Can debt instruments give similar returns as equity during times of high inflation?
16:31 - For short term, should we look at resetting asset allocation due to increasing interest?
17:55 - What should the investors do during the market corrections?
21:09 - ESG theme funds - Is it a good investment?
24:10 - Can companies window-dress their ESG scores?
26:19 - Portfolio allocation for ESG funds
27:01 - New theme of mutual funds - Investing in IPOs: Is it good?
29:36 - How should investors approach Flexi-cap funds for investing?
32:31 - Should investors look at small & mid-cap mutual funds in SIP or lumpsum form?
34:38 - Can international funds be a great investment opportunity?
37:26 - Should investors focus on structural themes now?
39:49 - Are Contra funds a good opportunity to invest in?
40:46 - What should be the return expectation from the equity market?
42:31 - What should the exit strategy be for the mutual funds?
44:03 - How should we view ELSS funds in our portfolio?
45:16 - The best strategy for forming our retirement corpus
46:44 - Investment journey of Harsha Upadhyaya
47:45 - Book recommendation
49:01 - Conclusion
49:29 - Key learnings

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