How to Get Executive Support for Asset Management Change

Failing to get the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) support for business change is often the main reason that your great asset management (AM) plan remains a great idea, but fails to launch. Whether you’re starting on a program of transactional improvement, or looking to imbed transformational change, any success will be short-lived if the entire organization is not aligned to the benefits that the program will deliver. All business change activities require leadership to succeed. And if that change effects the entire enterprise, as AM undoubtably does, then all levels of the enterprise must have the mandate to lead that change activity when required, and the autonomy to exercise that leadership. But without the confirmation of the change mandate from the ELT, lasting success will be an almost impossible challenge.

The AM team have a leadership role to play to “push up” to the ELT and create the awareness of what can be achieved through an investment in improved AM. And if done in a way that appeals to the ELT, the AM team can secure the support they need and “push down” to the next levels of change leaders throughout the enterprise.

How do you approach the ELT and convince them to give you the support you need?
The author has 25 years of successes and failures in gathering executive support and will share what has worked, and just as importantly what to avoid.
The session will cover key preparation and presentation tactics to improve your chance of success including:
1. What should be considered when planning to approach the executive team
2. The impact of individual culture and organizational culture
3. ELT behavior and how to be prepared
4. Tactics to use to elicit the outcome you’re after.

Jamie Maslen - Technical Executive, WSP in Australia

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