How to Get Everyone Invested in Content Governance

Speaker: Megan Nixon, Content Strategy, Global Content Operations & Governance, Wayfair

Content governance, the guardrails of managing your content within the CMS, is something you need your entire company to embrace. This can be a tedious process while you try to figure out what aspect of content governance resonates with each type of stakeholder. In this talk I’ll walk you through how to get stakeholder buy-in for your governance plan across all seniority levels and disciplines, so you can continue to evolve and build your content at scale. The nuances of what resonates with an engineer verses a director level stakeholder are what makes content governance so powerful and impactful. For each type of worker in your content management system, they have a different part to play in content governance. That means that everytime you bring your proposal, project plan, or training to a new group of people it needs to be focused on what they have the most impact on. So where do you start? After this lightning talk, you will have your next steps to take to your team to get the process going on a content governance plan.

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