How To Get a Million Dollar Mountain Bike Park [In 3 Months]

In 7 steps, we build a 1 Million dollar mountain bike park in our town in 3 to 6 months. In this video I'm going to tell you the invaluable process on how we got millions of dollars in bike parks paid for and built all throughout Missouri within a 3 year time-frame.

This isn't a story of money being donated by a private person or some massive company either, this is how people like you and I can convince average cities to build million dollar bike parks.

To share this process, Im talking with Dave Coolio of GORC Gravity, who has spearheaded this process for every single one of these bike parks. He’s spoken at an ungodly amount of city meetings across the State and has shown council members and government officials time and time again why building a mountain bike park is the best thing they can do for their city. Something that normally takes 5 to 10 years to get approved, he is somehow doing in under 6 months every time.

And today, he and I will be sharing exactly how you can replicate what he does to show your towns that they need a bike park. We’ve got it boiled down to 7 steps, that I truly believe anyone can take and apply to their city or town and I highly advise that you listen to all of them because each step is extremely crucial for the success of getting a Mountain Bike park built and paid for in your town. If you’ve got questions after listening to this whole thing please comment below and I will get back to the most liked ones. Also, if you find this information useful please share the video so we can get more bike parks around the world! haha Now, let's begin with step one.

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