How to Enable Autonomous Security Governance and Compliance for Amazon EKS | CoreStack

With the accelerated adoption of cloud-native technologies, organizations often have limited visibility into the security and compliance posture of their cloud infrastructure. Technologies such as containers, Kubernetes and serverless have become mainstream and require new methodologies for ongoing cloud security and operations. Continuous, end-to-end security visibility is an absolute necessity to achieve cloud-native success and to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

In this session featuring AWS’s Partner Solution Architect, Marina Novikova, Venkatesh Perumal, Field CTO, CoreStack and Ritesh Patel, VP Products, Nirmata, learn more about how to overcome security, visibility and governance challenges when adopting cloud-native infrastructure.

CoreStack and Nirmata have collaborated on a solution that enables comprehensive and autonomous Security, Governance and Compliance for the cloud-native infrastructure. Learn how SecOps teams no longer need to be concerned about potential blindspots when cloud-native services such as AWS EKS are adopted by developers. Backed by the popular open-source policy engine Kverno, you can now manage all your security, governance, and compliance policies from a single central location.

- Marina Novikova, Partner Solutions Architect-Containers, AWS
- Venkatesh Perumal, Field CTO, CoreStack
- Ritesh Patel, VP Products, Nirmata

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