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Explaining what a quantity takeoff is in construction is relatively straightforward. Essentially, a quantity takeoff refers to estimating materials. You review the project plans and take off information about what physical materials the architect, engineer or draftsperson specifies to assemble the project.

Quantity takeoffs in construction have many other names, including:

✔️Estimating takeoffs
✔️Construction takeoffs
✔️Earthwork takeoffs
✔️Material takeoffs
✔️Material estimating
✔️Material counts
✔️Quantity surveying
Regardless of what you call them, quantity takeoffs are material-specific. As a rule-of-thumb, quantity surveyors or takeoff specialists don’t account for other project needs like labor, overheads, permits, insurance, equipment or incidentals. They stick to isolating material requirements and transposing that information into cost-based estimates.

Everyone involved in organizing the front end of a building project needs to do quantity takeoffs. Material takeoffs aren’t a tail-end qualifier. They’re a critical step that begins the bidding process to propose a realistic contract based on accurate material and financial information.

No matter how small or large your project scales, you have to start by calculating how much it will cost and how much material it will need. That’s whether you’re looking at a single residential unit or a larger subdivision undertaking with compounded earthworks, utilities, road surfaces and integrated above-ground structures. It begins by taking off materials, understanding what you have to work with and predicting the eventual price.

Architects, engineers and construction managers aren’t the only people needing to do quantity takeoffs. No matter what industry you’re in, if you build anything at all, you’ll require material calculation and price estimates. Here’s a list of professionals who need to do material takeoffs:

✔️Urban master planning and smart city designers
✔️Tunneling and subway architects
✔️Residential home builders and renovators
✔️Rail and metro transportation engineers
✔️Offshore and marine architects
✔️Landscapers and landscape architects
✔️Highway and road engineers
✔️General contractors and construction managers
✔️Energy and utility contractors
✔️Civil, mechanical and structural engineers
✔️Architects and all building designers

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