How to Discover Merger and Acquisition Early

More and more companies are going through merger and acquisition especially when the pandemic happened. While merger and acquisition present new opportunities for organizations, it also brings a whole slew of challenges to customer success managers and company leaders. What are the ways to discover mergers and acquisitions before it actually occurs? What do you do when your customers get acquired by another company?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in our exclusive interview with David Yoffie, Senior Vice President for Partners & Alliances at OpenText. Here, David imparts his expert insights on what is merger and acquisition, why customer success managers fail to discover merger and acquisitions, and how to discover M&A as early as possible. David also shares his experience and expertise on how to start a conversation or build new relationships with those customers getting acquired and the acquiring company. Not only that, but David also shares a checklist or playbook and some key merger and acquisition strategies his team leverages in dealing with customers being acquired by another company.

Watch the full video now:

00:00 Intro
02:42 Discovering M&A Early
05:46 Personal Uncertainty
09:47 Definition of Success
14:31 Checklist or Workshop for Customers
15:31 Best Approach in handling M&A
18:12 Relationships and Acquaintances
20:06 Key Takeaway


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