How to Design for Electronics Manufacturability and Reliability

In this episode Cheryl Tulkoff discusses risk assessment, planning not only for success and failure, and understanding the difference between quality and reliability. If you're a PCB designer looking to learn how to design for electronics manufacturability and reliability, this is the perfect place to start.

0:00 Intro
1:26 Cheryl's Electronics Industry Experience
4:26 The Key to Producing a Successful Electronic Product
5:53 Why Non-aligned Standards Exist
8:39 Who Are You Designing For?
13:09 Celebrating Failures
14:43 Failure and Design Management
16:53 Startup Culture
19:42 Software and Hardware Reliability
26:23 What Rate of Failure is Tolerable?
33:15 Manufacturers Can't Ensure Reliability for You
39:53 Litigation as an Expert Witness
45:08 Redundancy Practices: Are They Typical?
48:14 What Can Designers Do to Mitigate Failures?

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