How to Deal with Stress - Mindset Management

Anxiety is a common claim in today's society, but how can we deal with it and live consistently happy lives.
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0:00 -1:36 SaSn Intro (Playerism on Spotify)
1:37 Explaining Topic.
4:17 The definition of stress.
11:38 Is the saint selling his watch?
12:58 The idea behind the invention of a personal computer and other new technologies.
15:52 The definition of fear and the importance of self reflection.
23:30 Never choose between false choices.
27:56 The saint's thoughts on the life and legacy of Kevin Samuels.
29:00 More notes on stress management.
40:32 CRITICAL PIECE. The importance of being honest to oneself and seeking feedback.
43:25 Understand your fear.
49:20 Continue talking like Muhammad Ali, Dressing like Muammar Gaddafi and spitting game like Marquett Davon Burton.
50:12 Is anything at its most basic level a distraction? I.e. Money, women, work.
53:35 Should you get back with the mother of your kids?
57:29 Is working a 9-5 counterproductive to goals?
1:00:49 The saint is a true leader.
1:03:40 People playing psychological tricks on themselves especially women.
1:09:14 How to stay focused in the face of women's attention.
1:12:18 Creed of the SASN
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