How To Deal With Anger Part 1/ DIY For Anger Management

Something has set you off and you feel like an overturned tortoise. You are angry- not miffed, not annoyed, not irritated, but down-right, seeing-red pissed off. And with that comes the nearly uncontrollable urge to express that anger.

The ways that anger gets expressed can vary. Maybe you yell, storm out, go on a rant and tear down everyone around you- whatever it is, once it is done you likely have regrets about some aspect of your behavior. Rather than make things better, you have made them worse.

John Gora;

Having lived a life full of challenges just like any other person.
But one thing that I learned through it is that people need support and it is never just financial support or material support but mental and psychological support.
That is why I choose to speak to you through this platform to inspire and motivate you through life's ups and downs.
My life experience has taught me that "life is inherently RISKY. But the only risk you should avoid at all cost is the risk of DOING NOTHING'

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