How to deal with a toxic workplace

Dealing with toxic people and negative energy can be one of the most demanding, stressful things you can do in the office. One of the ways we tend to deal with this issue is to avoid these people due to their negative energy. Oftentimes, that is not the most effective way of dealing with the situation, as the toxicity is generally a reaction to an underlying problem. Getting close with them and being sincere can be a major relief for them as well as you and helps you understand them much better. This can also have a major impact on your career and career trajectory, as avoiding these people will stop you from building important rapport will them, which can negatively impact your career growth.

Mr. Ahmad Nadeem is an experienced professional who has served for UN, World Bank, media organizations, academia, public sector organizations and multinational companies. He has helped over 150 organizations in improving their systems and implementing their projects in Pakistan. His educational and training portfolio include world renowned institutions and faculty, which include McGill Canada, LUMS, the World Bank Institute, University of Geneva, Harvard Business School, University of the Punjab etc. In addition to all these, Mr. Ahmad has also earned degrees in the field of sociology, International Development, Leadership Development and Social Enterprise Management.

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