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How to Create Unit 4 Leadership and Management Assignment

Case Study Report

I have been working in your firm for a long time now and I am really excited to hear that I have been short listed for promotion to the position of a “Team Leader”. After a good deep research on the given topic here is my report. Brief Introduction: This report covers many aspects. In this report I will discuss how role of a leader is different from function of a manager by defining, comparing and analyzing them. I will also try to explain that how the role of a leader deems fit in the given situation and how function of a manager is different in given context. Furthermore, I will examine different scenarios and examples on how role of a leader is important for Shell Pakistan Limited and how a manager functions in this firm. This report also includes application of different theories and models in context with Shell Pakistan Limited. Like situational, systems and contingency leadership approaches. It assesses different pros and cons of different approaches being used in different contexts and also in Shell Pakistan Limited specifically. Some parts of this report will discuss all the theories, models and approaches generally and the other parts are intended to be more specific in given context. It also covers some successful and excellent approaches which are used in operations management and the importance of roles which managers and leaders play in an organization generally and in Shell Pakistan Limited Specifically. The report also includes evaluation about how managers and leaders of Shell Pakistan Limited can improve different operations of management and how the company can achieve much higher goals by using different approaches. I will also demonstrate how the managers and leaders are related to a company and what’s the relation between them in a contemporary business environment? This section (task 4) is discussed continually within every chapter wherever deemed fit. Your Queries:
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