How To Create New Absence Types In Oomph CRM

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to create new absence types in Oomph CRM.

Designed and developed in Yorkshire, Oomph helps businesses increase productivity, improve organisation, and save time. The system is labelled as a CRM system, but the reality is that it goes much deeper than this and should, instead, be referred to as a complete business management system.

Oomph has a variety of complex features that offer simple and effective ways to manage all aspects of your business on a daily basis. From customer/staff management to sales pipelines, email marketing, absence management, automated invoicing/quoting, and so much more.

Oomph has a range of packages available, making the platform ideal for smaller business teams of 5 users, right up to larger business teams of 50 users and above. You can also try Oomph for free for 14 days to see if it’s right for you with no card details or commitments required.
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