How to Create & Manage Repairs with Odoo 15 Repair Module | Odoo 15 Enterprise | Repair Management

This video will give you a detailed note on creating and managing Repairs with the Odoo 15 repair module.

Video Contents
00:00 Introduction
00:38 Create a Repair Order
02:52 Parts Tab

Effective repair management is essential for proper customer management. Managing and repairing the customer products on time and providing them with the best quality services and care will automatically generate customer satisfaction and help you improve the business. Repair management is not an easy task. #repairmanagement

The difficulty ratio of the repair management procedures will vary with the company's size and the products and equipment that it has to manage.

With the support of the Odoo 15 Repair module, it is quite straightforward to manage and overview the complete repairing procedures on products from a single Odoo database.
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