How to Create a Youtube Video Ad Campaign

Youtube video advertising is a great way of getting your product in front of your target audience, getting leads and converting viewers into customers while optimizing budget spending, but where to start? Since there are several options at the moment of creating an effective Youtube Ad, we have invited Ilana, our Google Ads expert to show us how to set up one of the most important ones. A Youtube Video Instream Ad. So follow along and set up your first video ad, the right way.


00:00 Intro
01:53 Choosing the Right Campaign Type
02:55 Campaign Name, Bid and Budget
05:04 Sneaky Setting
05:34 Location Targeting
07:01 Additional Settings
08:55 Ad Group and Demographics
10:38 Content Targeting and Bidding
12:32 Create the Video Ad
15:34 Summary

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