How to create a new Item Hierarchy level at HQ?

Meaning of Item Hierarchy Level?
Item hierarchy level refers to the level of classification or grouping of products in a hierarchical structure. In retail businesses, this hierarchy can include various levels such as department, category, subcategory, and individual product. Each level represents a more detailed and specific classification of the products.

For example, at the highest level, products might be classified into departments such as electronics, apparel, and home goods. Within the electronics department, products might be further classified into categories such as TVs, computers, and cameras. Under the TVs category, there might be subcategories such as LCD, LED, and plasma TVs. Finally, at the lowest level, there would be individual products such as a specific model of a 55-inch LED TV.

The item hierarchy level is important because it allows retailers to manage their inventory, sales, and promotions more effectively. By grouping products into logical categories and subcategories, retailers can analyze sales data and make informed decisions about which products to stock, how to price them, and how to promote them to customers. It also allows for better organization and navigation of products for both customers and employees.

The Item Hierarchy or the Category Tree structure is used to set up the categorization of the items for the structural designing, and reporting as well as for the Online website or Mobile Apps category structure.

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