How to Create a Lead Magnet? Definition | Types | Ideas | Examples

If you’re looking for simple yet highly effective marketing strategies to help grow your business, turn your attention to lead magnets. They can be a great way to freshen up your marketing and reach a wider audience.

That’s why today we’ve decided to talk about lead magnets and how to create them, then go through 10 different types of lead magnets you might want to create. Let’s start with defining what a lead magnet is in 2022.

You don’t have to be a designer to create something great. With a template and an easy-to-use design tool like Visme, you can easily design beautiful lead magnets regardless of your level of design skills. Get started with Visme now:


In this video, we’ll cover things like:

0:50 What is a Lead Magnet?
01:55 Types of Lead Magnets
2:08 Checklists
2:35 Cheatsheets
2:57 Roadmaps
3:20 Gift Guides
3:44 eBooks
4:15 Reports
4:42 Planners
5:07 Online Course Samples
5:26 Coupons and Discounts
5:52 White Papers
6:24 How to Create a Lead Magnet
6:24 Pinpoint Your Target Audience
6:49 Determine Your Distribution Method
7:43 Choose Your Type of Lead Magnet
8:16 Find Lead Magnet Creation Software

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